May 21, 2014

Boring Conversation Anyway™ Episode 53: A Star Wars Podcast. The Magnificent Episode VII & FUEU

Another meaty +Star Wars  show with a great bunch, featuring +Dan +Tamer ofthe Shipyards+DorksidetoysJediTempleArchives &



1. follow up on last show: 1500  watched, many comments and input and several hundred MP3 listeners too, especially for long show! Fans want to collect better. Great reception and input!

  1. Fans reactions mostly positive but a lot of vitriol
  1. FU to the FU 1 & 2 too? All games out, only Clone Wars TV/Movie is canon.

Round panel on the cast with 7 new core characters for episode 7  with one who starred in the 7th seal. Spooky!

  1. Harrison Ford has a Gigantic part? (oo-er)
  2. Carrie married or not?
  3. Daisy Ridley (daughter? relation to obi?)
  4. Kenny & Anthony kiss and make up?
  5. John Boyega (Jedi? Attack of the Block)
  6. wheredafuq is Billy Dee? John is a relation?
  7. Adam Driver (baddy)
  8. Oscar Isaac (han solo character)
  9. Andy Serkis (CGI?)
  10. Domhnall Gleeson ( playing bill weasley to cross franchises? : ))
  11. Max (The Merciless) von Sydow  (Villain? Voice only?)

  1. Abu Dhabi At-At’s
  2. Boba fett Movie too hard? Disneyfication of Fett?
  3. What do we all want from Ep 7, locations, toys, books, spin off movies.
  4. if official site break on this, can you imagine when the trailers hit?

7. Disney-Dan and Jayson’s trip quick overview (Paul, Tamer, Chris, Eddie & I were totes jelly)

8. LEGO Revan & Poster

11. Episode 1 was 15 the other day. Eddie or anyone else talking about midnight madness

Boring Conversation Anyway™ #54  will return Early June 2014.