Feb 23, 2014

Boring Conversation Anyway™ - A Star Wars Podcast. Episode #51 - New York Toyfair 2014 Star Wars Teardown | @FLYGUY

Another live video/audio Boring Conversation Anyway™ and after an excellent Episode #50 pretty much the same panel has returned, so join as we talk Star Wars Toys at New York Toy fair 2014 and more with;

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This show was not shared live but instead was recorded privately. Live shows will return soon.

1. TBS six inch figures.
Collector focus.
Minimal and new blue packaging. Round the table-who was impressed and who wasn’t? Price points, are hasbro upping their game? Availability with carry forwards - dafuq? Is this line a classic already?
Stands comment-Daryl WTH? Sideshow ‘lite’? Rather pay for this tauntaun than sideshow one!

2. TBS Six Inch vehicles, creatures & exclusives
groundbreaking in many ways although ML gave us sentinels. Very limited qtys? $40 USD will easily go for $100 here : (

3. Star Wars  - The Black Series (3.75 Inch)
Limping along through the car park lost that are left. Just me or does this line feel a  little tatty and odd? repacks Paul re vintage ‘hits’ some odd, mostly great. Wheres the vehicles at?? Exclusives SDCC.

4. Star Wars Saga Legends/’Meh’ Series
Some surprisingly good figures and tooling.

5. Star Wars  - Rebels (3.75 Inch)
They might be 5POA but some good stuff and we discuss how these will work their way into greater articulation in time.

Shampoo bottles aka ‘Hero’ Series skipped!

8. Star Wars - Lego - was impressive, rehashes but very worthy. Who’s bitten by the minifg bug? http://news.toyark.com/2014/02/16/toy-fair-2014-lego-star-wars-114739

9. Star Wars Command 2 Inch Figures.
Any confidence in this? Cheap, this years angry turds filler to balance out expense and tooling on Black series?

11. Marvel Legends 6 inch.
Guardians of the Galaxy is black series cousin, thought on these and what would panel like to see for BAF Star Wars?

13. GI JOE.
Shows the quality of what hasbro can do…

Boring Conversation Anyway™  will return Mid March 2014.