Dec 28, 2013

Boring Conversation Anyway™ - A Star Wars Podcast. Episode #50

Streamed live on 14 Dec 2013

1. Black Series six inch Stormies spotted. Hasbro should have packed him 2 per case

IMP ship linked to this custom

2. Black series slashed (is that trashed?) at Amazon - what does this mean for retailers and the line...

Slashed TVC in huge quantities in germany, also turned up in Australia

3. Galactic merchants. Dioramas-we all love these!

4. Cad bane on netflix? JTA lead

5. LEGO star wars on iO/s Android and Windows Jan
Where is super star wars?? :)

6. Slave 1/Tie interceptor/droid factory/ewok catapult/scanning crew/BMF/Endor At-At/Biggs x-wing all this year... Just TVC alone -this was a good year for excellent vintage vehicles/figure packs. What's on our wishlist for next year...bearing in mind these Jedi defender leaks on new products... round the table
list #1
list #2
list #3

7. JTA involved in TUAFC book with Steve Sansweet

8. TVC - A real celebration of this line was pulled together by JTA.

9. Each panel member gives us their top five figures/playsets/items for the year.

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