Dec 28, 2013

Boring Conversation Anyway™ - A Star Wars Podcast. Episode #49 | @FLYGUY


Show Notes:
1. December 18th 2015 Episode VII release date... Do we care? Thoughts on Celebration?
Plus-these dudes, are they all just bored or what?

2. LEGO 2014 minifigs really are competing with hasbro for quality who collects what?

3.Tiny death star-pixel goodness:

4. GI JOE retaliation Storm shadow, super articulated 21 accessories DS have it for $5 on black friday
Such a shame Hasbro can't do this quality for Star Wars line-thoughts?
+ wave 3 of the black series

5. YF concept series

6. Ryan spencer awesome artist both yak and fly had images done

7. Black series jabba

8. Jedi defender leaks on new products
list #1
list #2
list #3

9. toy display porn

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