Jul 21, 2013

Boring Conversation Anyway - Ep 48. A Star Wars Podcast. SDCC 2013 & A Big One Right Behind Him

Another episode of this time a predominantly USA edition of Boring Conversation Anyway.

You'll find all we discuss in the below show notes.  

iTunes sucks huge hairy bantha balls as far as we are concerned, so we are not pandering to their frankly crap bloatware any more. Sorry peeps, instead, go old skool! Download the MP3 version here: http://bit.ly/bcapodcast048

  1. Star Wars Vinylmation www.ChasingVinylmation.com
  2. Wampa! & Kenner Life Size Stormtrooper & vader from Gentle Giants SDCC Booth. http://ow.ly/n4E6L
  3. Gentle Giant wraps up the ‘Collect All 21’
  4. Sideshow Sixth Scale Hoth Han and Probe Droid. So much for doing all their new releases early! Liking that Taun Taun too. plus A NEW Huge Boba & Han in Carbonite http://ow.ly/n4X0z
  5. Sideshow ECHO & FIVES! http://bit.ly/ECHOFIVE  12” proto fett: http://bit.ly/SSProtoFett
  6. eFX Stormtrooper Armor? Only $2,000! Cast directly from a screen used armor in ANH. It will be interesting to see the 501st reaction here.
  7. SDCC/Boba Fett With Han Carbonite Limited To One Per Person. Scalper's Laugh Maniacally Like the Emperor http://ow.ly/n4Fhh
  8. Boba Fett & Han Solo Carbonite SDCC-CE2 Exclusive Has A Hidden Feature We Didn't Know... http://www.flyguy.net/2013/07/boba-fett-han-solo-carbonite-sdcc-ce2.html
  9. The prices folks are already paying for the Fett & carbonite is nuts! http://goo.gl/vN6SB
  10. Is the Greedo and Entertainment exclusive? Actually confirmed now its not. Phew!! http://www.flyguy.net/2013/07/black-series-six-inch-greedo-to-be-ee.html
  11. 2013 Black Series 3.75 inch Wave 2 Images Revealed. Still A Dodgy Clone Helmet... http://ow.ly/n4Dtj


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  12. Kmart Star Wars ANH Scanning Crew Packs Coming Soon. Great looking set! http://ow.ly/mM8TB
  13. Rebelscum Gets A Great Star Wars Image Gallery From The SDCC Hasbro Booth... http://ow.ly/n2WGM
  14. The bitch fit aka ‘imagegate’ old news now but thoughts on image distribution? http://www.flyguy.net/2013/06/black-series-images-lets-all-throw-toys.html
  15. Star Wars Hasbro The Vintage Collection Slave 1 Now Reduced In Price http://ow.ly/n5lNH Woot!
  16. Celebration Europe II. Where the REAL Star Wars Collectibles Will Be At. CE2 http://ow.ly/n53jn Kevin’s input on this as he was at C6 version
  17. A Great Article On The 14 Greatest Action Figure Playsets of All Time. A Good Read... http://ow.ly/mIM26
  18. This is just wrong   http://imgur.com/r/StarWars/1IxCDkO

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