Jan 27, 2013

Episode 044 - Clone Wars, LEGO Price Fixing & Jumbo Ass 12 Inch Figures

We continue with both AUDIO & VIDEO versions of Boring Conversation Anyway. A Star Wars podcast.

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  1. Hi Flyguy and friends,

    I would love to hear what you guys have to say about the new Star Wars 6 inch "The Black Series" action figures.

    As an adult collector, this is hitting all the sweet spots for me. It fills the needs of even better details, weight, size, and perfect for display. Most adult collectors are going into Sideshow or Hot Toys by now. With the popularity of 6" Marvel Legend figures, this is definitely an all wins for Hasbro. The name "The Black Series" even sounded much higher class of collecting. 3.75" is becoming less and less articulations for kids... 6" will become the next generation of collecting perhaps.... setting new standard in details and with Marvel Legend articulations from here on out for the Star Wars action figure line.

    I think somebody at Hasbro is/are doing some homework and give what mature audience wants. The Vintage Collection still going to stay but on hold for now. They want to tap into something greater and I believe this "is" the way to refresh their Star Wars action figure lines. Forget those ugly 12" figures because those are aim for kids... (unfortunately kids don't even want them).

    Let us know what you all think?

  2. Hi A!
    We are gonna discuss that this week with a bit of a Star Wars celebrity : ) I agree homeweork and listening has been happening and looking forward to what comes next!
    Thanks for listening, we appreciate it!