Jun 6, 2011

Episode 014 - Three Stephens, one Stanton, too many clones, and a girl on the show!

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Big Bad Toy Store.com Awesome stuff

 Our thanks to our Podcast sponsors, the rather sexy BigBadToyStore! Some our picks from thier 1000's of cool collectibles are;
Life size Darth Vader!
Luke Skywalker ceremonial jacket and medal



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  • fordo rip off prices

  • more echo and fives!

  • disney action figs

  • epi tan battle droid on tunghori

  • more on that stealth ops trooper

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  • Clone trooper scythe

  • Aaaaaand another blue clone! Found on sandtroopers (AGAIN!)

  • Lego Star Wars echo base 7879

  • Lego Naboo Starfighter 7877

  • Lego Star Wars 7965 falcon, bought! And boy it’s a BMF!


STAY TUNED after the show ends for a brief bonus microcast! An interview with one of our Star Wars sistas, the wonderful @Mekangana as we discuss her designs on Star Wars hats, Star Wars life in Canada, Doctor Who and more! Check out the gallery of her work!


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