May 31, 2011

Episode 013 - 50 Hours of unseen Star Wars, Toy overdose & Barriss Offee Has Worms!


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New SW lego hitting stores in Melbourne
Win a Rocket Firing Fett! Details
SithLord229 gets 12,000 Subscribers!
Lucas has 50 hours of Live-Action SW footage, but the project is shelved?
July 2011 SW Insider Magazine Cover
Celebration VI...
Jabba the hatt
Star Wars Begins - The Complete Documentary. Never seen it? You're in for a treat!
Big Bad Toy specials


Bom Vimdin HD Figure Review
Han Solo Bespin HD Figure Review
Rebel Trooper HD Figure Review
Logray HD Figure Review
Chewie wave gets revealed
New Clone Wars Figures (Plo Koon, Fisto Cold weather, Seripas, Stealth Ops Clone, Saesee Tiin etc.)
Toys R Us UK Vintage half price sale (FINALLY!) Figures were £8.99, now £4.49!
Echo and Fives are revealed-guess where? : )
Commander Blackout/Stealth Ops Clone
Vintage Y-Wing on eBay (In Oz no less) Real or fake?

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