Apr 2, 2011

Episode 008 - 'Carbonite and a Latte to go, to the Big Bad Toy Fair'

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 Were a fair bit behind in posting this, sorry, we got some mynocks along the way and ended up in this cave...but that's another story. Still, make sure you check out this bumper, mega monster sized, interactive (ish) show! We cover...


Listen to us and watch the hi res images from the links below as we discuss all the cool Star Wars figures and Lego...


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  1. I know this is a while after this aired, but I only just discovered your sites and have started listening to the podcast from the beginning. I'm posting to address your question about blood in Star Wars found at the 1:33:00ish mark. Here are some of the instances I can recall off the top of my head:Empire Strikes Back: the blood smeared on the wampa's mouth from his tauntaun killReturn of the Jedi: on Endor while Han is trying to hot-wire the door open, Leia gets shot. When Chewie comes in the AT-ST and Han has his hands up, there is some blood on his hand from Leia's wound; there is also a slight bloodiness to Jabba's tail wound caused by Salacious CrumbPhantom Menace: when Darth Maul is sliced in have, there's a sort of red mist that flashes briefly at the bottom of the screen, hinting at a blood squirt of sortsAttack of the Clones: In the Geonosian arena when the Nexu claws Padme's back, she has bloody looking scratch wounds; later, Obi-won gets bloodly looking cuts where Count Dooku gets him during their lightsaber duel in the hangarBut your point during the show is well made. These instances mentioned here are not anything near the small pool of blood we see in A New Hope

  2. Glad you found us! This is why we love Star Wars fans, what a cool response! thank you so much for taking the time to listen and respond. : )