Dec 31, 2010

Boring Conversation Anyway - Episode 4 - 'Luke, We're Gonna Have Company!'


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A super fat, super long, jam packed episode with our two co-hosts and a special guest!

In news we cover:

We take a momment to focus on Sithlord229 (aka Steve Allsopp), a YouTube mega star certainly in the Star Wars world. Withover 9 Million people having watched his videos this is one reviewer you want to subscribe to. We interview Steve discuss his background to collecting , videos, likes, dislikes and more, as well as an exclusive reveal on his 400th Video!  Check out his YouTube channel for links to his blog, facebook group and more.

We then take a look back at 2010 on general and bewteen the three of us discuss:

A big shout from the three of us to all those who follow our sites, channels, tweets, facebook pages, podcasts and more, without Star Wars fans we would not be doing this stuff, so thanks to you! (Yes you!)

Have a great new year, and may the hangovers not be with you!

Dec 23, 2010

Boring Conversation Anyway - Episode 3 - The Last Transport Is Away!


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Weeee're back! After a brief hiatus on Hoth, our co-host returns and we do our Christmas special! We get down and dirty discussing Star Wars stuff such as;


Stay tuned for our next episode for our 2010 retrospective as we look back at a busy year in Star Wars with our special Star Wars guest and mini exclusive! Yay!

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