May 1, 2017

Mar 31, 2017

Boring Conversation Anyway™ Episode 58 | Where the Funko have you been?

Boring Conversation Anyway Episode returns (finally) with a brief 'where the hell has it been' update, as well as what's coming in future episodes. Tacked on at the end then we see FLYGUY's Funko Collection: Some Star Wars, Marvel, DC and more.

Next time on Boring Conversation Anyway interviews and guests including Star Wars Celebration.

Oct 8, 2015

Boring Conversation Anyway™ Episode 57; 'The Topps Awakens'.

A brand New 'Boring Conversation Anyway' Episode 57; 'The Topps Awakens' is out. I sat down with the brand manager at Topps Star Wars, Mark Von Ohlen and we talked all things Star Wars.... We take some time to discuss a ton of new products (12 to be precise, all launched in the last quarter alone of 2015).


  1. 4 new products launched. Connexions, dog tags danglers & JTFA
  2.  A new Topps cards soon to be released. Holofoil exclusive to NYCC?
  3. Danglers, Acme Archive character key based.
  4. Exclusive SW insider cards
  5. Connexions full website
  6. Connexions wave 2 sneak peek.
  7. JTFA full checklist -
  8. JTFA List 2 
  9. Hi -Tek Wave 2

Jun 23, 2015

Boring Conversation Anyway™ Episode 56: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back Toy Commentary

'Boring Strikes Back' ...The wait is over as we finally returned at the weekend with our Podcast 'Boring Conversation Anyway' .Top toy experts Dan Curto, Dorksidetoys, Yakface & myself took the best film ever (debate!) and looked at it from a toy perspective... Look out for 'Return of the Jedi' A Toy Commentary soon. Some very rough show notes below.


  1. probe droid hasbro, sideshow, vintage? Liked the recon on hoth pack
  2. tauntaun, best one is 3.75” recent vintage collection? 6” is good
  3. Han, still prefer blue! Always wanted the Vintage figure to have a working holster
  4. Steady girl! Tauntaun is a girl!  Love the 6” wampa but could have had the belly easily I think, but always remineded of ‘I want you inside me’
  5. Hoth General has strepsils on his uniform I swear
  6. Leia padded uniform was a bugger to get in the VC packaging for me...
  7. We need a good Ord Mantell nonEU story now!
  8. Love the vintage R2-Persicope packaging just blue background, designer off work that day!
  9. I always, always wanted the missing wampa sequences and ultimately the doorway with threepio tearing the warning sign off in the movie. LEGO made a version.
  10. 2-1b with legs chopped off always fascinated by the clear body on thje orioginal vintage figure and really one of the first figures to have that, ever I think…
  11. Have we ever had a Hoth hologram Obi wan?
  12. Laugh it up fuzzball! Scruffy looking nerfherder
  13. Incest!
  14. We’ve done pretty well for imperial officers over the years across lego, kenner and hasbro but never enough crew army builders
  15. Vader, how many! Black Series 6” was a belter I thought now up to $45 per figure I smell repack at one stage/resculpt.
  16. 20.54 in the movie and 2-1b’s console has a mini shield generator on control panel-just throwing that in there!
  17. Luke snowspeeder
  18. Han’s Treadwell droid? Never had it!? And of course recent TVC vintage falcon, another super high point for hasbro, best vehicle ever?
  19. Anything finer than vintage AT-AT and AT-ST? real high points for Hasbro
  20. Rebel radar dishes were huge in recent-ish sets but always loved the old playsets, and this movie gave us a bunch Cloud City Playset (Sears Exclusive)
  21. Dagobah Action Playset, Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set, Imperial Attack Base, Rebel Command Center, Turret and Probot
  22. Old Armadillo rebel cruiser was an odd toy!
  23. NEVER EVER enough snowtroopers made, or guns! bring back the vintage accessories and small vehicle mini rigs
  24. Vintage x-wing of only a year or two ago was a beaut!
  25. Old vintage accessories of gas masks I loved!
  26. I guess space slug set just never gonna work, we did get a mynock set.
  27. 300th darth vader with mediation was a failed but cool idea. So many were discounted.


Boring Conversation Anyway™ #54 - Episode 4 A New Hope-Toy Commentary

Boring Conversation Anyway™ #52 - 'Are We Collecting or Hoarding Star Wars Toys?

Check out the Boring Conversation Anyway Archive

Aug 6, 2014

Boring Conversation Anyway™ Episode 55: A Star Wars Podcast. SDCC 2014 Star Wars Overview

We're back! Another long 'Boring Conversation Anyway' gives an in-depth SDCC overview.
Regulars +Dan ofthe Shipyards & Jedi Temple Archives chew the fat over Hasbro, +Sideshow Collectibles & more.


1. LEGO Wookies

2. Thursday  really only Fett & Dutch revealed from Hasbro;
general thoughts on the FETT from all?

3. ‘’Take a look at my gigantic chopper’’ & LEGO minifig display, mini fighter with chopper

LEGO PR cant even get these sets, desperate to get them. Is this fair, wise move for LEGO to have such limited items? Only encourages copies? Panels thoughts.

4. Sideshow 1/6th Scale
Thoughts on hot toys ¼ scale and pushing deeper into Star Wars under license from Hasbro. What do we want to see? Price points?

5. Hot toys are going nuts with product releases, especially y around Iron man. The Scale of collectibles is getting bigger. Way bigger. Hall of armour new sets, The bat, tumblrs (multiples) Jaxx pacific, NECA ¼ scale. Thoughts on bigger collectibles and do customers still want 3.75? or is 6” and above the new hotness? 

Can I get a Fabrikation Fett? Part in the USA...

6. Some new podcasts, new channels, new reviews. Instagram, coming from

7. Black series 6” revealed on Saturday;
Official images for closeups and comparisons:  We skip the command line and angry turds.

8. Was HASBRO SW disappointing? Paul?

9. Quick skim over Gentle Giant-Hot wheels:  

10. Rebels is looking good. Extended overview trailer ‘A look ahead’’, several others, but this had to be the best;
ESB easter eggs, McQuarrie throughout and in? Longer clips with Buck tooth inquisitor:

Follow and visit: | Imperial Shipyards | Yakface | Jedi temple Archives & the now even more fabulous, windswept & interesting Dorksidetoys

Jun 11, 2014

Boring Conversation Anyway™ Episode 54: A Star Wars Podcast. Episode 4 A New Hope-Toy Commentary


Join +FLYGUY  on another meaty +Star Wars toy talk show featuring +Dan +Tamer ofthe Shipyards+Dorksidetoys, & JediTempleArchives

Join the BCA possee, all die hard Star Wars fanboys and toy experts watch and review Star Wars A New Hope Ep 4 whilst providing it's first full toy commentary. Adding insights on the the vintage & modern figures and vehicles we got from the movie. Childhood favourites, modern day updates, hits, misses, vintage collection, LEGO, 5POA, POTF, Black Series Six inch and 3.75 Inch that we need to yet see. 12 inch classics, play-sets, creatures and much more.

Like Star Wars toys? You're gonna love the first toy commentary for Star Wars, A New Hope.


  1. A New Hope 1977, who saw it in cinemas? The birth of toys
LEGO, Sideshow, POTF 2
JTA guide to Classic Vintage figs and creatures etc
Modern Vintage figs
Scum guide to all vintage, playsets etc

  1. look sir droids! No Imperial ship here for this special edition, only LEGO? Hasbro Dewback still awesome. (and new lego one too) Love the old dewback
  2. Droid sale, some great older figures in POTF line of the tall green droid Also was that legacy collection womp rat and very disco finish on sand.
  3. Banthas have tended to suck, looks like a muppet a bit sad really no?
  4. 4. Do we really want a  new sandcrawler? Massive!
a) How many figures have been made from this scene? Can’t EVER make Tonnika Sisters? :(  
  1. Snaggletooth red/blue, Ponda, Hammerhead, (saga collection Momaw Nadon best?) lost with all the changes now to creatures.
  2. falcon-The Ultimate Vintage Collection surely the best?
  3. dockingbay 94 Screams for a playset. Best Fett has to be
               a. Is there any chance we will ever see a new Death Star Playset?       C’mon Hasbro do something like this!
  1. Best tie fighter the huge scale one?
  2. Vintage collection tie fighter pilot best so far I think
  3. Medals, That VC Han kinda sucks - Y U No Give us VOTC Han head Hasbro? plaus anemic Luke, and no chewie with medal!

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